A major breakthrough in chemistry and materials science has been the development of Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs), which show great potential for storing energy from renewable sources and as the power sources for electric cars. However, commercially available LIBs are based on transition metal oxide cathodes, presenting limited energy density and raising relevant environmental concerns. Organic materials have received much attention as alternative electrodes because of their high theoretical capacity, resource availability, and sustainability. In particular, Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs) have emerged in the past few years as promising organic electrode materials due to their high stability, tunable porosity, and outstanding chemical and structural versatility. Low electronic conductivity remains the main bottleneck for real applications of COFs as electrode materials, usually addressed by adding in large amounts of conductive carbon additives that decrease the energy density of the battery.

The overarching objective of this project is to design and synthesize new conductive redox-active COFs as cathode materials to enhance LIBs electrochemical performance. The specific goals are:

a) To design a new family of redox-active COFs built from unexplored building blocks to achieve an optimal balance between capacity, electrical conductivity and stability.

b) To unravel the fundamental mechanisms of charge transport in COFs.

c) To manufacture and test lithium batteries using conductive COFs cathode materials, assessing the influence of the processing techniques on the electrochemical performance.


Equipment/material acquired

– Incident beam PreFIX module with elliptical X-ray mirror for Cu radiation (Focus.Mirror MPD Cu PFX) (Malver Panalytical).

– 663 VA Stand for Autolab Potentiostat + IME663 interface (Methrom) 

– Spectrometer FLEX Res UV/Vis/NIR, WR:185-1100 nm, 3648 pixels, slit10, and LightScan Software (improved sensitivity) + accessories (Sarspec)

– Film Coating Maching with Dryer with vacuum pumop and heating system (Xiamen Tob New Energy)

– Coin cell punching machine TOB-CP60. 12, 16 mm dies for electrode (Xiamen Tob New Energy)

– Battery tester TOB-CT-4008-5V10mA-14 (Xiamen Tob New Energy)

– Disc cutter TOB-CP60 with 10,12, 16 mm die (Xiamen Tob New Energy)

– Crimper TOB-MR-120 with 20XX die (Xiamen Tob New Energy)

– Hei-VAP University Academic-Chill: Hei-VAP Core HL G1, Vacuum pump Rotavac Valve Tec, Manual vacuum controller, Chiller HeiCHILL 250, Tubing set, Temperature transfer liquid for circulation chiller – Kryo 30 (10l)

– IKA ULTRA-TURRAX Tube Drive P control (BMT-20-S 25 x 20 mL tube)