We are a young and dynamic research group focused on the discovery of new electroactive molecular materials combining synthetic organic chemistry, physical chemistry and materials science. We are part of the CICECO-Aveiro Institute of Materials and Department of Chemistry, University of Aveiro (Portugal).

Our research encompasses the design and synthesis of electroactive organic/hybrid molecules/polymers as well as the study of their electrical, optical and magnetic properties. We also deal with the fabrication of molecular-based devices towards applications in electronics and energy storage. We have a strong cooperative spirit maintaining international collaborations with groups from different parts of the world.

Raquel and Catarina were presenting their work at the XXVI Encontro Galego-Portugués de Química which was held at the Faculty of Chemistry

Dear Colleagues and Friends, It is a great pleasure to invite you to attend the 1st Iberian Symposium on Functional Organic Polymers (ISFOP2023) which

Miguel joins the group

Miguel Espinosa (Valencia, 1988) obtained his Bsc in Chemistry (2011) and Master’s degree in Sustainable Chemistry (2012) from the University of Valencia (Erasmus

Raquel and @Catarina6595 were presenting their work at the XXVI Encontro Galego-Portugués de Química in Santiago @Colquiga @spquimica http://encontrogalegoportugues.org

@GrimaudGroup @lukatskayagroup and myself organize #SusBat - Enabling Beyond Classical Li-ion Batteries through materials development and sustainability at #MATSUS23 which will be held in Valencia.
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